Updating the Blog

Sorry that there haven’t been any posts on here for a few months. I was too busy to update the blog for a while, but now I’ve had some time free up and I hope to have a new post up today or tomorrow.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition: What’s left to be added?

I’m big into the PC version of Minecraft. I’ve got so many worlds with countless hours invested into them. The point is, I <;;3 Minecraft. However, unlike most crafters, I didn't start playing the PC version first. I started with the Pocket Edition. I still play it, but not because I want to play that version specifically. Just because my iPad is in front of my face at that moment, and my MBP isn't. Which begs the question, what can make me want to play MCPE over standard Minecraft?

Or, what is left to be added to MCPE? Terrain Generation in MCPE, Multiplayer Improvements (some of which are already coming), the addition of redstone mechanics, and more will need to be addressed to make MCPE the perfect Mobile Companion it has the potential to be.

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Sorry, Your Inventory is Full…

Inventory Full

To Role Playing Gamers, this message is familiar. It typically marks the point at which you decide to go home, or just dump a stack of cobble, and your current adventure. If you hadn’t noticed, it happens to be the title of this blog. I’d like to come up with some clever metaphor explaining that, but the reality is that I was just siting there thinking of a good video game reference (and foxonlynoitemsfinaldestination.wordpress.com didn’t make a good URL).

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